Economic life of Bosnia and Hezergovina

Agricultural industry of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina is a country which is located on Balkan Peninsula in Southeastern Europe the capital of this country is the Sarajevo, and theirofficial Language is Croatian, Bosnian, and Serbian. Bosnia and Herzegovina are not so totally good when it comes to agricultural resources. What makes them Dominant is the Dairyfarming it almost reach 60% of Agricultural of their Income, but there are also some Agricultural products that quite Important. such us Wheat Maize soybeans and Tobacoo. But this city is growing and keep Improving, Apparently the capital Sarajevo has a strong tourist industry last survey it Includes on the top 50 best cities in the world. The Service sector is stronger. It grows rapidly which help growth of hotels, stores, roads, and the Most Important the Educational facilities and now it becomes one of the fastest growing city, with the huge fruit growing production,crop farming production, processing industries and milk industry no Wonder why this country became a successful one.

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