Economic life of Bosnia and Hezergovina

Political Law of Bosnia and Hezergovina

The politics of Bosnia and Herzegovina is under in the Parliamentary representative democracy. It is not new to us because some of the country also under in this type of politics. Parliamentary simple explanation is that, the head of the state is different from the head of government. This is contrast to a presidential System which the President is the head of state and government. While representative democracy this means they can select and elect an Officials which represent a group of people. They also have the Famous constitution name Dayton Agreement that signed on December 14 1995. This type of constitution signed in order to Promote and establish peace against the war. also the main purpose of this constitution is to maintain, balance around in the line of Bosnia and Herzegovina. They decide to make a peace and stability in Bosnia and Herzegovina and it was success negotiation since it was started the changes occurred with the good possibilities. And due to that agreement this country are now continue to help and achieve the growth and success of Individuals Especially in the world of Economy.

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