Economic life of Bosnia and Hezergovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina natural and Environmental problems

As we know that Bosnia and Herzegovina is one of the most Progressive place, where in the Economic sectors are efficient. Agricultures are wide but there are some factors that affect especially the Nature and Environmental of Bosnia and Herzegovina.In the state of Environmental their current issues is the Air Pollution, since there are a lot of establishments buildings transportations added by the disposing of urban waste and the most painful happening is the Deforestation the only thing that forest could help us to prevent and protect the air pollution. Acid Rain also one of their problems Acid rainscan harm and has a great Impact in damaging to the earth's fragile Ecosystem. Since this place is big and surrounded with a modern technologies Aerosol also occurred a collection of airborne particles dispersed in a gas, smoke, or fog that caused tinning of the ozone layer. added by the endangered species because some of the people hunting and destroying the habitat location of the animals, and it not new to us also in some other countries this is one of their Environmental problems. in the aspect of nature there's a bit more but let's focus on the major one that we will know that can really harm Individual especially human being. The water born disease this means bacteria can survive in and transmitted through water due the dirty surrounding such as pollutions. Ultra violet radiation the common one UV radiation can be harmful to living organisms and has been linked to increasing rates of skin cancer in humans. This are some of the problems of Bosnia and Herzegovina in the aspect of Nature and environmental. But despite this their government and other group of people are Introducing and practices and planninghow they can fight against this type of problems.

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