Economic life of Bosnia and Hezergovina

Different languages of Bosnia and Hezergovina

Since Bosnia and Herzegovina is a big and widecountry there are three official languages that Bosnia and Herzegovina have.Bosnian,Croatian and Serbian. Did you know ? that about 2.2 million people in this country they are using Bosnian as their Language. This language practices after the World war I of Yugoslavia in the 1990s era. it only became official language of Bosnia and Herzegovina in 1994 along with the Croatian and Serbian. In addition the first Bosnian Dictionary with the Turkish glossary was Introduce by Muhamed Hevaji Uskufi and it was composed in 1631. Croation language is use by the croats mainly in Croatia they usea Latin Alphabet. the Serbian Language mainly used by Serbs group. Now we think what is the difference between this three languages? This languages are mutually Understandable, Also the grammar is much more Identical the only factor that makes them different is their future tense. This also may affect the communications of Individuals before but now as technologies evolve where TV's radio's newspaper's and Internet connections we can now communicate and Understand not totally but a sort of Individual languages. Today there are also Bosnian, Croatian and Serbian Wikipedias. Although a Bosnian, Serb or Croat can read any of these.

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